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The City of Białystok

Bialystok with its nearly 300 000 inhabitans, is the biggest city of north-eastern Poland and the capital of Podlasian Province. It plays a role of administrative, scientific, economic and cultural centre of this part of Poland. Podlasie region is called „The Green Lungs of Poland” – it is ecologically clean and full of tourist attractions. Four national parks and three landscape parks are located within the city. Bialystok has been ranked number 1 as the best Polish city to live in! Its specific character has been shaped by the coexistence of many nations, religions, cultures, customs and traditions.
Bialystok is located only: 2 hours train ride from Warsaw (the capital city of Poland), 1 hours car ride from the lake district (Augustów), 1 hour car ride from the Belarus (Grodno), 3 hours card ride from Lithuania (Kaunas).
Bialystok is a lovely city with many sightseeing possibilities and a great place for living and studying. 
You can also find many sources of entertainment of any kind including the opera house, theatres, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres, concerts and it is just a foretaste of what Bialystok has to offer. Find more:

The University of Białystok

The University of Bialystok (UwB) was established in 1997 from the Branch of Warsaw University after 29 years of its existence. Today UwB is one of the largest and strongest academic centres in North-Eastern Poland due to its scientific standards and potential. The region’s unique nature and cultural diversity, which attracts scientific studies, are applied to science research carried out at the University. Foreigners coming to Bialystok, whose number is constantly increasing, can learn polish language, culture and customs of Poles and Podlasie residence in the School of Polish Language and Culture.

UwB cooperates with scientific centres from all over the world. Commom scientific research, teaching projects, staff and student exchange as well as conferences and symposia are held under over 95 agreements with foreign partners from Europe and, among others, USA, China, Japan. The University cooperates with institutions of higher education in EU countries and non-EU countries under the Erasmus+ Programme, based on approx. 215 bilateral agreements.

The University consists of nine faculties, including one located abroad in Vilnius. Classes and lectures are delivered by app. 850 academic teacher (nearly 200 are independent research scholars). At present the University educates app. 17.000 students in almost 30 fields of study. It offers about 100 different postgraduate courses. The student movement is thriving: there are about 70 student research clubs at the University.

The Faculty of Law, University of Białystok according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is one of the best faculties of law in Poland.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Białystok provides majors in law, administration, European studies and law&security. Enrolled are students from both Poland and abroad. Especially for foreign students, almost 60 of the lectures are in English, German and Russian. The lectures have been given credits as part of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Our Summer School of Comparative US-EU Law has obtained prestigious accreditation from the American Bar Association. We also provide over a dozen postgraduate courses.

The Faculty of Law also strongly supports research and expert cooperation. The main fields of UwB research include EU financial law, tax reforms, public finance reforms in Central and Eastern European countries, international cooperation in combating crime, and EU migration policy.

Every student of the Faculty has the possibility to cultivate one’s interests in scientific student groups (there are more than 20 of them!) and various student organizations. There are schools of foreign law active at the Faculty: Comparative School of US/EU Law, British Law Centre, School of Russian and European Law, School of German Law, School of French Law. Students are prepared to enter courageously the labour market. In the course of education students gain professional experience by working in courts, public prosecutor’s offices, law firms, state and local government offices, advisory and consulting firms. Additionally, they can broad their minds by working in the Legal Clinic in order to provide free of charge legal consultations for the poor. At the Faculty of Law in Białystok one studies and works in comfort. The faculty building is conveniently located – in the city centre with good transport connections. Car owners have a car park at their disposal. What’s important, our headquarters is adapted to suit needs of the disabled – there are ramps and a lift in the building.

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